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Online Poison Control - webPOISONCONTROL®

An online poison control that helps to determine if a substance is poisonous and what to do next …
Un control de envenenamiento en línea para ayudar en determinar si una sustancia es tóxica y qué hacer acontinuación…


Growing Up with Vaccines: What Should Parents Know?


Infant Immunizations FAQs


Portofino Pediatrics supports without exception and without revision the Vaccine Schedule of  ACIP recommended by CDC,  AAP, NIH, WHO

Portofino Pediatrics, apoya sin excepcion o revision el Programa de Vacunacion de ACIP recomendado por CDC, AAP, NIH, WHO



Smoking and secondhand smoke exposure-COVID-19 Information from the Florida Department of Health

Smoking can contribute to an increased susceptibility to the COVID-19 virus. Active smoking and secondhand smoke exposure have both been associated with similar outcomes for a wide variety of respiratory illnesses.

Tobacco Free Florida has developed materials to educate the public about preventing infection and the importance of quitting smoking. This is valuable information for those most vulnerable to COVID-19. Resources about smoking and COVID-19 are available on Please visit

Also, you may download an infographic about smoking and COVID-19 here:

 The Florida Area Health Education Centers (AHEC), who provide group cessation counseling, have transitioned their classes to a virtual format. Florida smokers continue to have a variety of supportive quit services- phone, group and web. To learn more about the free and effective quit services offered, visit

COVID-19 updates from the Florida Department of Health are available here: The COVID-19 Call Center is also available

24/7 at (866) 779-6121. The COVID-19 Email Center can be reached at [email protected]. Please share these important messages and resources with members of your community.